Do you talk about/worry about your partner's issues?

Do you want to change your role in your relationship?  

Are you in (or previously left) a relationship feeling shamed, isolated and emotionally abused?

Do you feel alone, depressed, or have bouts of spontaneous anger?

Do you struggle with dependent & enabling behaviors in your romantic relationship?

Are you feeling burned out, exhausted, and neglecting other important relationships?

Group is on Hiatus until further notice.

Now's the time to come together with others who understand what you're going through and choose: yourself.

With this new group, "LOVE DOESN'T HURT", individuals currently in or recovering from a codependent/dysfunctional relationship, with a possibly Narcissistic, can explore their struggles within a safe and self-explorative group.

In this co-ed group we will talk about: 

  • reasons for feelings alone & unsure of yourself while struggling to identify who you are
  • how to deal with anger, frustration and sadness
  • how to develop self-protective and effective behaviors when communicating within a dependent/enabling/dysfunctional 
  • the differences between ineffective vs effective confrontation, insecure and secure attachment styles, empathy vs sympathy, and healthy communication strategies
  • how "Love DOESN'T hurt" and should feel "good"

This is an 8-week long group intended to be a social outlet and support system for adults (+18 years old) of all backgrounds, sexual orientations, ages, etc. who may or may not be familiar with the process of counseling/psychotherapy. Moreover, it is a safe and authentic space that will explore: 1. the difficulties you are having in your interpersonal relationship with yourself and 2. the relationship you have with your partner, and family member, friend, etc.  

Group may be covered by some insurance companies who pay full or partial payments for an "out-of-network" provider. Please contact your insurance company prior to onset of group to enquire about possible coverage. 

• Session fee is $50 per session payable in person via credit card, check or cash (price is negotiable and a sliding fee scale is offered; please contact Krista if the $30 a session is not affordable for you)
• Members are expected to meet once a week for at least 8 weeks, as process groups work well with enough time to build bonds with other members 
• Please note, all private and personal material discussed as a group member is considered confidential and expected to remain protected and respected by each member 
• This group is not intended for psychological diagnosis or as a substitute for individual therapy

Drinks/water and light snacks will be served at each meeting.

Thank you! I look forward to meeting you very soon!