Gaming Personality Quiz
By: Krista H Renella

Games tap into our motivations, desires, neural pathways, even our friendships & relationships. Those categories that you are drawn to in this test may highlight both the 'persona' and 'shadow' within you. 

In Jungian Psychology, the persona is, as in games, a person’s outward mask. A persona is how a person would like to be seen by the world. The shadow is the part of the unconscious mind consisting of repressed weaknesses, shortcomings, and instincts. 

A defense mechanism known as projection is how most people deny their shadow, unconsciously casting it onto others so as to avoid confronting it in oneself. In games, the shadow is the thing we are trying to control or forget about which may seem out of control or scary. It may also be seen in our treatment of other players (in a social game) or through moments of fantasy behaviors including violence, killing, crashing, kidnapping, etc. According to Diamond (2012), 

"Typically, it is the subjective experience of the shadow or evil  and its ego-dystonic effects which motivates the person to seek psychotherapy and spurs one toward new growth, maturation, balance, integration, wholeness and individuation. In many ways we need the shadow, and must therefore learn to develop a more conscious and constructive relationship to it." 

In real life, acknowledging your shadow as an acceptable part of your being can be extremely painful, but can give you considerable insight into yourself. In a game, acknowledging one’s shadow is necessary to stop its attack even after bringing it under control. Once it’s conquered, it becomes an ally rather than an enemy. 

For this short quiz, choose the best match between the two choices in each numbered section, then find the total by hand

If you scored higher in any one category (for instance "escape"), then consider how you may "escape" other things in your own life and how not being aware of this behavior may impact your relationships, career, education, and self-acceptance/love, etc. 

I hope you may discover what motivates you in the "game" of life and insight into your own shadow. 

1. Choose one

2. Choose one

3. Choose one

4. Choose one

5. Choose one

6. Choose one

7. Choose one

8. Choose one

9. Choose one

10. Choose one

11. Choose one

12. Choose one


Action ____________

Beneficial ____________

Competitive ____________

Complex ____________

Control ____________

Creative ____________

Escape ____________

Freedom ____________

Humorous ____________

In depth ____________

Relaxing ____________

Simple ____________

Social ____________

Strategizing ____________

Useful Links:

Diamond, E. Psychology Today. (2012).

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